Plasma Applications

Livestock Emissions
Reducing smell and nitrogen emissions for pig farmers
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Circular and sustainable production of fresh and healthy vegetables with natural nitrogen and without the use of pesticides
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Working with Dutch pig farmers, Blue Plasma has developed a sustainable alternative for treating exhaust air from farms. This air is typically high in ammonia content and that causes odor stress for the environment. Also, regulators require the air to be cleaned before it is released to the outside world.

While developing a method that can reduce emissions at the source, Blue Plasma already has technology available that is a sustainable replacement for a chemical air scrubber. The technology only uses electricity, air and water to effectively remove ammonia from an exhaust flow. This strongly reduces the odors emitted and also reduces nitrogen emissions from the farm.


Growers are always looking for ways to make the production of fresh and healthy vegetables more sustainable while reducing use of pesticides and maintaining crop yield.

Cold Atmospheric Plasma can effectively and efficiently disinfect the water used, only making use of sustainable energy sources.

Also can the technology be used to add nitrate to the water, an important nutrient for plants.

Plasma technology helps growers to meet future demand for circular horticulture. Cold Plasma can be generated using sustainable energy sources.


Hygiene and odor control are extremely important in industry, not in the least in the food processing sector. At the same time, consumers and regulators are driving the food industry towards reducing their use of chemicals.

Plasma offers an attractive alternative method to ensure effective and chemical-free cleaning and disinfection.

Blue Plasma develops technologies to guarantee a cleaner process and end product, both by ensuring the equipment used is cleaner and by developing applications that result in a clean, safe end product with a longer shelf life.