A better world, Naturally


Cleaning and Disinfection with Air, Water and Electricity

Cold atmospheric plasma offers a sustainable alternative method for cleaning and disinfection based on natural processes. Blue Plasma helps to make our food and the environment safer and cleaner.  

Odor Control

Pig farmers face strict regulations to limit their odor emissions. Plasma offers an attractive alternative approach to air scrubbers to reduce odor emissions from animal husbandry, and Blue Plasma is developing this solution in close cooperation with partners from the sector.

Green Horticulture

Growers are always looking for ways to develop more sustainable ways to grow their crops while reducing the use of pesticides and maintaining high yields.

Cold Atmospheric Plasma can effectively and efficiently disinfect the water used while adding nitrate to the water.


Eggs are disinfected during incubation to remove pathogens on eggshells that can impact the chicks that are growing inside.

Together with partners Blue Plasma is developing a chemical-free alternative to the formaldehyde used now.

Plasma Center

Blue Plasma is realizing a Plasma Center in Venlo, in close collaboration with key partners from Academia and Industry. We will work in the Plasma Center to further develop applications for Cold Atmospheric Plasma and bridge the gap from idea to implemention. This investment has been made possible with support from the region Noord-Limburg